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UWallet Virtual Gold MasterCard

Request your Virtual Gold MasterCard instantly through UWallet’s Mobile Application now!



Through the Virtual Gold MasterCard you can do online transactions anywhere, any time and at your own convenience.


Card features

  • Card limit between JOD 1 – JOD 1000.
  • Instant card generation through UWallet’s Mobile Application.
  • Card management features directly through the application activate/deactivate, set PIN,etc…).
  • Conduct transactions securely with the 3D Secure feature.
  • Ability to pay online subscriptions through the card.

UWallet issues several types of cards:

  • Mastercard Gold
  • MasterCard standard

Customers can obtain a card by requesting it from the UWallet Mobile App, or by visiting one of Umniah branches.

Please contact the Call Center or refer to UWallet Mobile App, to view the terms and conditions.

Yes, you can get an extra card for an additional supplementary card from the UWallet Mobile App.

The PIN is used at ATMs, and for point of sale (POS) transactions

You can change your Mastercard Card PIN through UWallet Mobile App.

UWallet Mastercard card is used to pay for purchases and services at merchants/ service centers equipped with POS devices worldwide, and to pay for purchases and services online by direct debit to your wallet. It is also used to withdraw cash from ATMs.

If your Mastercard card is lost, stolen or fraud, you can contact UWallet Call Center which provides its services 24 hours/ 7 days a week on 0788001400, to report the loss/theft/fraud of your card Or you can deactivate the card from Uwallet application immediately .
. Protect your card as if it were cash. *Do not write down your PIN, memorize it.

Yes, an SMS will be sent to your number for every transaction.

  • You can activate it through our UWallet Mobile App or by calling our Call Center 0788001400.

Card can be deactivated from the UWallet Mobile App, or by calling our Call Center at 0788001400.

Virtual cards are an entirely online products, with no physical form. Customer will receive the 16-digit card number and expiry date on the UWallet Mobile App.

Virtual card can be used as the physical card such as online transactions, monthly subscriptions.

  • Can we think of different scenarios? 

1-The user made a transaction on the card and the money was deducted but the transaction did not go through

2- Service not received / cash not received for ATM transactions.

3- Service / merchandise does not match description.

4- Error: duplicated, incorrect amount.

Noting that our customer has the right to chargeback any transaction (p.o.s, ATM, Eco) within 120 days of the settlement date, if the transaction is local then we will contact the acquirer to chargeback the amount within 30 days to gain the time, if not the dispute cycle will be 45 Days.

For the fraud scenarios, the card will be canceled immediately then a new card will be issued to the customer .

The cost of chargeback process is 5 JD