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UWallet Fees

TypeChannel or EntityLimits transferFees (JD)
RegistrationOnline or Through Agent-Without fees
Cash-InAgents0.001- 1000 JDWithout fees
eFAWATEERcom1 JD – 50 JDeFAWATEERcom fees
50.001 – 100 JDeFAWATEERcom fees
100.001 – 200 JDeFAWATEERcom fees
200.001 – 100 JDeFAWATEERcom fees
Cash-OutAgentsLess than 20 JD0.5
From 20 - 50 JD0.75
50.001- 1000 JD1
Cardless ATM cash withdrawal1 – 500 JD1
   UWallet MasterCard ATM cash withdrawal1-500 JD1
Person to Person Money TransferUWallet to UWallet   
Money Transfer0.001-1000 JDWithout fees
Uwallet Person to Non-UWallet Person Money Transfer  
0.001-50 JD0.15
50.001 -200 JD0.25
200.001 -1000 JD0.35
Check Wallet BalanceUWallet App Without Fees
Transactions history UWallet App Without fees
eFawateercom ServicesUWallet AppDepends on serviceeFAWATEERcom fees
Merchant Payments UWallet App and merchant appsDepends on serviceWithout fees
Payment at Point of Sale through UWallet's Gold Mastercard Locally 0.01-1500JDWithout fees
DCCInternationally30-1 JD0.1
(Effective 03-12-2024)30.1-100JD 0.15
   3% currency change fees
   Currency conversion rate applies
 Internationally in local currency (JOD)Less than 1 JOD 0.1 per transaction
  More than 1 JOD3% of the amount
NAF or governmental transfers exceptNational Aid Fund / Governmental Entities Maximum 2000JD0.5
for monthly aid, deducted
from the transfer amount
Dormant accountUWallet app--2 JD monthly
Request a loanUWallet app--3 JD per request