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FAQs – know more about Uwallet

  • UWallet is an electronic payment service provider licensed by the Central Bank of Jordan that allows users to manage their financial transactions through their mobile phones, safely, efficiently and quickly, via an innovative digital transaction platform.

    UWallet makes it easy and safe for individuals and businesses to make instant payments, transfer money and make purchases easily and securely, using advanced solutions that reduce the need to handle cash and eliminates the risk of theft and loss.

    Additionally, UWallet has worked tirelessly to further financial inclusion in the Kingdom by providing its services to individuals who have difficulty accessing traditional banking facilities.

Anyone with a subscription to Umniah or other local networks can open a UWallet account, including all Jordanian and non-Jordanian citizens and refugees.

No, there is no need for a bank account, you just need to use your mobile phone to make all your financial transactions.

All models of mobile devices that use Android and iOS support UWallet.

The language of the app is either Arabic or English, depending on the language pre-selected by the user.

Click on Forgot Password to allow you to choose a new password through the application.

  • To change the code: Choose Settings from the main menu of the app, then select Change PIN Code. You will be asked to enter the old PIN code and then the new one twice and confirm the request, after which you will receive a short message with the new code.
  • If you forget the code: Through the main menu of the app, choose Settings, then Forgot PIN Code.

 If the personal verification code (PIN Code) is entered incorrectly three times in a row, the personal verification code will be blocked. You will need to review the Services section to reactivate and unblock the code.

Download the app on the new phone and enter your number and password.

You can download and install the app again using your number and password.

You can register in three different ways:

  • Register online using the app; download the app through this link:
  • By visiting any of Umniah’s showrooms across Jordan and taking the following steps:
  • Provide the employee with the official document of your choice, provided that it is valid and does not contain any tears or unclear data:
  • For Jordanians – National ID
  • For children of Jordanian mothers – identification certificates to children of Jordanian women married to foreigners
  • For individuals from the Gaza Strip – personal identity card
  • For refugees – UN ID issued by the Ministry of Interior
  • For residents, foreigners and residents of the West Bank – passport and proof of residency
  • The employee will then register the information on the system’s page and set up your UWallet. You will receive a message on your phone immediately with the verification number, password and a link to download the UWallet application.
  • After downloading and launching the application, enter the password and verification code, which you will then be asked to change when you log in for the first time.

No, you can open an account with UWallet for free, and there is also no minimum balance and no commissions when the balance is low or when you deposit funds in the wallet.

FAQs on how to use UWallet

With UWallet you can make the following transactions and transfers:

    • Deposit and withdraw cash to and from UWallet
    • Transfer money from UWallet to another wallet or to a bank account (individual to individual) using the wallet number, an alias or the IBAN
    • Pay utility bills (water, electricity, telecommunications, etc.)
    • Transfer money to various government agencies (taxes, fees, land fees, fines, etc.)
    • Transfer money to businesses and merchants (purchases, fuel, travel, and tourism, etc.)
    • Pay bills through e-Fawateercom system
    • Pay for purchases using the QR code feature

This can be done by visiting any of Umniah’s showrooms located nationwide or at money exchange services that have partnered with UWallet:

  • Provide the employee with the mobile phone number of your wallet and the value of the funds to be deposited in your account.
  • The employee will deposit the required amount into your account from their system.
  • You will receive an SMS alerting you of the deposit transaction with the new balance of your wallet. You can also track all your financial movements through the application.
  • Fill out and sign the deposit form.

You can also deposit funds through the self-service machines in Umniah showrooms and Sameh Mall, and through ATMs affiliated with the Arab Bank, Cairo Amman Bank, Jordan-Kuwait Bank, and the Housing Bank, as well as through any authorized Fawateercom agent.

The maximum limit for each deposit transaction is JD1,000, and there are no maximum monthly transactions for the wallet.

There are no minimums for deposit and withdrawal transactions, and the wallet balance can be zero.

  • The balance is always displayed on the main screen of the application
  • This can also be done by visiting an authorized UWallet agent
    1. Through any Umniah showroom, money exchange or retail outlets that provide the UWallet service. You will be asked to show ID as well as provide the phone number affiliated with the wallet.
    • Give the employee the mobile phone number associated with your wallet as well as the amount of money to be withdrawn from your account.
    • The employee will withdraw the required amount from your account through the system. Then you will receive an SMS containing a one-time password (OTP) that must be provided to the employee to confirm that you are the owner of the wallet.
    • The employee will confirm and complete the withdrawal process and hand over the required amount to you.
    • You will receive another SMS alerting you of the withdrawal transaction with the new balance of your wallet minus the value of the commission.
    • You must sign the printed form after completing the withdrawal process.


    1. You can also withdraw money through ATMs affiliated with Cairo Amman Bank, Jordan Kuwait Bank, Housing Bank and Arab Bank through the Cardless Withdrawal service:
    • Log in to the UWallet app
    • Click on the Cash Withdrawal from an ATM option and request a password, which will be sent by SMS
    • At the ATM, select Card-less Services
    • Then choose UWallet or Mobile Services
    • Enter the phone number associated with the wallet
    • Enter the password that was sent by SMS
    • Enter the amount to be withdrawn (noting that the commission fees will be deducted from the new balance)
    • You will receive a short message alerting you of the transaction


    1. You can also use your MasterCard UWallet card through any local or international ATM
    2. Lastly, you can use the self-service machines at Umniah showrooms and in Sameh Mall
  • If there is sufficient balance in your account, you can withdraw a maximum of JD1,000 through Umniah showrooms, money exchanges and shops that offer the UWallet service, for every single withdrawal transaction.
  • Withdrawing from the ATM is limited to a maximum of JD500 per transaction.

Through the UWallet app:

Enter your password and access the main menu, then choose Money Transfer

  • On the Transfer screen, choose to transfer through your wallet number, Alias or an IBAN number, and enter the amount to be transferred in Jordanian dinars in the amount field, then confirm the transfer process by pressing Continue
  • A confirmation screen will pop up on screen with a summary of the transaction and with the relevant information. To continue, enter your 4-digit password
  • If the transfer process is successful, you will receive a message confirming the transaction and the value of the new balance remaining in the wallet, minus the value of the transfer fee

This can be done through the UWallet application:

  • After entering the password and accessing the main menu of the app, choose Money Transfers. On the Transfers screen, opt to transfer using the mobile number an alias or the IBAN number, then enter the amount to be transferred in Jordanian dinars in the amount field, then confirm the transfer by pressing the Continue button.
    • A screen will appear with a summary of the transaction and the information of the person to whom you want to transfer the amount to will also appear. Enter your 4-digit verification code to continue
    • If the transfer process is completed successfully, you will receive an alert message confirming the transaction and the value of the new balance remaining in the wallet minus the transfer commission value
  • You can pay for purchases at any company or store registered with UWallet and has the UWallet logo and their wallet number displayed at the entrance. You can transfer money from your wallet to the merchant (individual to merchant) or from your wallet to the company (individual to business) using the UWallet application.
  • You can make payments at points of sale available in shops, by entering the phone number associated with the wallet with a special identification number (PIN code) and then the required amount (the service will be available soon)
  • You can also choose the payment feature eFawateercom available in the UWallet app to pay bills to more than 300 different entities
  • Pay through the UWallet MasterCard linked to your UWallet account, which works on all local and international points of sale
  • Soon, you will also be able to pay through the points of sale available in participating shops by entering the phone number associated with your wallet with the PIN code, and the required amount.
  • You can also pay for more than 300 services through eFawateercom, which is available on the UWallet application.
  • Pay using your UWallet MasterCard, which can be used at various points of sale both locally and internationally.

Transactions, whether a payment, transfer, or purchase, are instant and you will receive a message within seconds after each successful transaction containing the details of the transaction you made and the new balance minus the value of the commission. You can also track your recent transactions through the UWallet app

The customer service employee will try to help you with this by checking your wallet’s transaction history from their system, and you can access your most recent transactions through the UWallet app.

Yes, there are clear and applicable ceilings for each transaction carried out on a UWallet account, shown in the following table.

Transaction type                                                                                        Transaction ceiling/ JD

Cash deposit in the wallet account                                                        1000 / per transaction

Cash withdrawals from Umniah showrooms, branches

of exchange offices and shops providing UWallet services              1000 / per transaction

Cash withdrawal through local ATM                                                      500 / per transaction

Transfer from individual to:

individuals, merchants, or companies                                                   500 / per transaction

Transfer from merchants to:                                                                  

individuals, merchants, or companies                                                 500 / per transaction

Transfer from companies as salaries                                                     2000/ per transaction

Transfer from business to individual loans                                         3000 / per transaction

Transfer from business to merchants                                                    500 / per transaction

Cardless cash withdrawal through a local ATM                                   500 / per transaction

Pay through any invoice system                                                              Unlimited

Other Questions

No, fees and commissions are required only when making withdrawals, bill payments, purchases, and transfers from one wallet to another, and the commission value appears when making any transaction through the UWallet app.

According to the instructions by the Central Bank of Jordan, you can have two accounts, one primary and one secondary, from UWallet using two different phone numbers.

  • You can check you balance through UWallet application.
  • You can also check your balance through any authorized agent.

The customer is fully responsible for all cash movements made, because the customer is the one who enters the recipient’s wallet number, the amount of the transfer, and then continues with the confirmation process for making the transfer through the identification number (PIN Code). The customer needs to be extra cautious before making and confirming any transaction.

  • Money is 100% safe in the UWallet account, as there is a special verification code (PIN Code) that must be entered for each payment or transfer transaction. There is also a history of all transactions made on the UWallet account in the records of the Central Bank of Jordan, which in turn guarantees the highest possible security standards.
  • As long as your verification code (PIN Code) is a private, unique number and is not available to third parties, your UWallet account is secure, and cannot be accessed.
  • If you suspect that someone knows your verification code or that it has been revealed to someone else, change it through the UWallet app from your mobile phone. You can also contact the customer service center to check the latest transactions made from your account.

In this case, another UWallet account must be opened using the new number through an authorized UWallet agent. The employee will then transfer the balance from the old number to the new one. You then need to fill out a request to cancel the wallet with the old number after clearing out the funds.

  • The first step is to contact the customer service center or go to the showroom where the wallet was opened in order to freeze the account.

    If you replace the phone with a new one, download the UWallet app and then reactivate the account at any Umniah showroom, where your identity will be verified.

  • It is preferred for the UWallet account phone number to be active all the times since the transactions and operations that take place through UWallet require the number to receive short messages (SMS) as an alert or confirmation of the transactions taking place, or for sending the transaction number or the OTP.
  • Therefore, if the line is inactive, there is limited access to the number of features, which do not need information delivered through SMS.
  • If the old phone number has been replaced by a new one, fill out a request to cancel the wallet on the old number after clearing its balance, and open another account on the new number through any Umniah showroom.

Yes, this can be done through the UWallet app on your mobile phone to make transfers and pay bills. As mentioned previously, it is preferred that the UWallet number be active.

Yes, it is possible to close a UWallet account by visiting the showroom where the account was opened and filling out a cancellation form to cancel the UWallet account.

You can also close the account electronically through the following link, after making sure the account balance has been cleared:

  1. Send and receive transfers from the bank to the wallet account and back using an alias, an IBAN number, the interbank wallet number or payment service providers.
  2. Manage multiple accounts simultaneously (the user will be able to manage them through the same application interface) and add a new account.
  3. Specify a primary account (the account that will be used to log into the application).
  4. If you have a wallet with another service provider, you can now also register the wallet with UWallet on the same phone number and enjoy all the benefits and services.
  5. Set the default UWallet account to receive payments/transfers either from banks or payment service providers.
  6. Verify the beneficiary’s data before completing the transfer, and for added security, the user will be able to confirm receipt of the transfer.
  7. The beneficiary can request for the money to be recovered upon agreement from the other party.