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UWallet New Services

UWallet New services

JoMoPay upgraded system

With UWallet new Services through JoMoPay upgraded system, you can transfer funds instantly and effortlessly between your own accounts and to other beneficiaries including banks and e-wallets enrolled in the service.

JoMoPay upgraded system provides its users with numerous benefits, including instant transfers through an IBAN, a mobile number or another designated name; the ability to request payments; and the capability of making payments. Additionally, JoMoPay upgraded system allows the sender to verify the recipient’s details before completing the transfer. Through JoMoPay upgraded system, users also have access to a feature that can trace any payments they make by either reversing payments by returning an amount equal or less than the original payment.

UWallet under JoMoPay upgraded system Features

  • The instant transfer of funds between banks and e-wallets through a wallet number, another designated name or an IBAN number
  • Access to two accounts
  • The ability to request payments
  • The ability to return payments of the same amount or less
  • The verification of a recipient’s details before finalizing a payment
  • Setting up a default account to receive the payments through JoMoPay upgraded system
  • The ability to add a new account.

UWallet is authorized and licensed company by the Central Bank of Jordan and operated under JoMoPay upgraded system as a mobile payment financial solutions company.