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Google Pay from UWallet

This service is available on devices that support the play store

Wave and go with Google pay

Discover the Future of Effortless Payments with UWallet and Google Pay

UWallet is excited to introduce a seamless and secure payment experience through our collaboration with Google Pay. Now, making everyday transactions using UWallet Cards is faster, easier, and safer, thanks to Google Pay’s contactless payment technology

Features You’ll Love:

  • Easy and convenient
  • Fast and secure technology
  • Accepted anywhere at any point of sale that accepts contactless payments

How to Use:

  • Spot the Contactless Logo: Look for the contactless logo on any point-of-sale terminal
  • Wave or Tap: Simply wave or tap your phone at the terminal
  • Transaction Complete: Wait for the beep or lights to indicate that your transaction is successfully completed

UWallet is taking your payment experience to the next level. Embrace the future of effortless payments—fast, secure, and universally accepted

Ready to simplify your transactions? Get Started with UWallet today!

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